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What is a slingboard (part 2)

(Go to Part 1) Slingboards Lab mission is to bring your team at your fingertips. Through the provision of slingboards, it brings sticky notes to smartphones, tablets and the web for empowering teams to better collaborate.

A slingboard ensures teammates are always in sync. It provides real time feedback to everyone involved in the whole process. It highlights the flow of work and what is being done.

A slingboard allows instant access to the workflow. Remote and teleworkers can easily collaborate with their colleagues in teal time.

Here is a video that explains what is a slingboard

Because the tablet layout have the appearance of the original yellow stickies, learning to use a slingboard is simple. The familiar sticky notes essentially became the user interface. Team members can quickly embraced this new technology.

A slingboard increases accountability and positively influence the behavior and attitude of team members . Teammates define and choose their own work instead of having work assigned to them. High visibility and clear guidelines ensure teammates cannot hide work (or non-work) from each other. They know that at any moment, if they want to, they can, with zero overhead and without causing any discomfort to anyone, see exactly what everybody is doing. Boards tend to expose the flow, but it is done with ground rules that people find quite reasonable. Thus, accountability is achieved in a harmonious way because it boils down to the individual responsibility of updating the board. This builds transparency among team members, which in turn builds trust.

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