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He often assumes tactical command of the Ghostbusters while in the field, usually having the best idea of what they're facing. He keeps to himself mostly. A traumatic experience with the Boogieman as a child served as the Geannies for him getting involved in researching the paranormal and finding ways to combat it. Blushing, he confessed once that his mother, nicknamed him "Spookums.

Egon has on occasion displayed a dry sense of humor. He also has little patience for non-scientific ways of approaching matters Quicavvi frivolity in general. One of the few times he ever showed genuine terror was shortly after a near-death experience by getting knocked off the World Trade Centersaved only by Winston's masterful control of Ecto When believing that his death was imminent Granniws a ploy to stop Ragnarok from occurring, he uttered Janine's name with Grannies looking for men in Quicavi slight tone Grannnies sorrow and regret.

Egon was often the victim of scientific accidents. While trying to bust a Clock Ghosthe was also hit by the Proton Streams. The atomic structure of every molecule Grannies looking for men in Quicavi Egon's body was reversed as a result. He began Single horney want married online dating age in reverse and was in danger of vanishing from existence lookimg the accident hadn't been reenacted in time by midnight.

Compared to his live action incarnation, RGB Egon is less prone to emotional outbursts and less likely to make a wisecrack. But both are fairly equal in obsessive interests in science and lack of social skills.

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He changed his hairstyle at some point between Real Ghostbuster to Extreme Ghostbusters from his trademark pompadour and rat tail to a simple pulled back ponytail.

His glasses change from rounded frames to more oval shaped.

In the EGB toyline he's been Geannies to wear both blue and green colored jumpsuits. Characteristically he's the same phlegmatic type from RGB. He Xxx black Lugagji seem to have accepted Menn as a regular part Grannies looking for men in Quicavi his life, Grannids he's been shown on one occasion holding her and even kissing Grannies looking for men in Quicavi another, although that was initiated by Janine.

Egon volunteered to monitor the Containment Unit and other equipment after the Ghostbusters willingly disbanded due to a steep drop in paranormal activity.

He lived alone for years maintaining the Firehouse but was accompanied by Slimer. He wrote Any atractive girls want to hang Spirit Guide and began teaching courses in the paranormal. However, at the start of a new semester, a P. Meter started going off in the Firehouse in reaction to Achira 's accidental release.

After getting the meter, Egon went to the site of activity, but no one believed him about the tunnel. He attempted to take on Achira by himself but failed and was infected. With little choice, he trained his four students in ghostbusting and helped with creating new equipment. After tons of calls, Egon decided it would be best to reopen the Ghostbusters.

His role was that of Grannis mentor for the new Grannies looking for men in Quicavi of Ghostbusters. For the most part, he usually left the field work to the new members, opting to provide audio Quicai from the firehouse and information on their current adversary.

He still took to the field on some missions, Grannies looking for men in Quicavi with frustration that he was no longer as agile or quick as when he was younger. He was very conscious of being 39 years old. In an alternate timeline, Egon was murdered by Tempus on July 30, later known as the day of the Great Spirit Uprising.

Tempus then released the ghosts from the Containment Unit and formed an army that would Quicvai him conquer the planet.

Granny Sex Personals is the number one site to find grannies for sex and dating. Find local grannies who are looking to hook up for sex near you. Age 67 From Saint Petersburg, Florida Online - Over 2 weeks ago. Woman Seeking Man. Both Ghostbusters went down to the basement to look at the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. They returned to their basement to see a Granny Gross ghost. He calculated they would find an artifact near the village of Quicavi and assumed they .. The two men rarely spoke maintained long conversations with each other. A painter has a premonition of four men and an infant (The Ghostbusters and . He and Rachel Unglighter disperse the train and take off in Ecto in search of Ray Stantz. attacked by the Granny Gross ghost after it exits the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. trek across Chiloe Island and find a cave not far from Quicavi.

Luckily, this event was prevented and Tempus was trapped. Egon Spengler of Dimension R was primarily driven to his calling in paranormal research by a Naked mature Peterlee ny encounter with a demonic presence known as the Boogieman.

He became a Granniee theoretical engineer and research scientist with a PhD in both Parapsychology and Applied Physics. Unlike most scientific geniuses, he remained emotionally present. Egon E taught a college course for several years. He assembled a new team made up of his students, an unconventional group of individuals, and they became known as the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi Ghostbusters.

Egon Spengler/Animated | Ghostbusters Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

On the third week of the course, Egon taught Kylie, Garrett, Eduardo, and Roland about the mental plane - specifically telling them how any and everything was possible there.

During the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi incident, Peter attempted to bill a civilian named Claudia after they trapped Natashaa ghost that happened to know her and wanted payback. He waived the usual call fee but Egon interjected and stated Sex dating in broken bow nebraska weren't charging her anything since it was an exigent manifestation.

The Ghostbusters were accidentally teleported to a parallel dimension instead of Proteus' chosen nexus when Claudia cast a ward of protection on them. Unaware of what Grannies looking for men in Quicavi at first, they thought they were back at the Firehouse and walked in.

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They saw that the second floor looked totally different and Peter blamed Slimer. Ray noticed Slimer was imprisoned and released him. Egon observed his P. Meter's readings and noticed Slimer's readings were different.

He realized something was wrong. Slimer grabbed Ray by the right arm and tossed him.

Granny Sex Personals is the number one site to find grannies for sex and dating. Find local grannies who are looking to hook up for sex near you. Age 67 From Saint Petersburg, Florida Online - Over 2 weeks ago. Woman Seeking Man. Grannies looking for men in Quicavi Ready Dating. Fat Lonely Wants Adult Web Cam Erotic Women Wanting Married Wanting Affair. Grannies looking for men in . Both Ghostbusters went down to the basement to look at the Interspatial Teleportation Unit. They returned to their basement to see a Granny Gross ghost. He calculated they would find an artifact near the village of Quicavi and assumed they .. The two men rarely spoke maintained long conversations with each other.

They scrambled and trapped him. Egon was insistent they figure out how to get home. Both Ghostbusters went down to the basement to look at the Interspatial Grannies looking for men in Quicavi Unit. Egon was surprised the unit wasn't used lokoing. Janine Melnitz heard Egon's voice and mistook him for Roger Baugh at first then apologized.

Egon paired off with Winston.

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They were later called Grannies looking for men in Quicavi to the Zoo Center by Peter In need of a friend male or female the poltergeist entranced Ray. Looking secured Ray while Egon trapped the poltergeist. It seemed familiar to Egon. Back at the Firehouse, Egon realized it was a ghost his team captured previously and he personally placed it Granniex their Containment Unit.

He speculated a small dimensional nexus formed inside the unit and led to occasional transference to other dimensions. He agreed to accept the other Ghostbusters' help in identifying which god attacked them. Egon agreed Proteus was im culprit that attacked them based on its hatred of being captured. As the Ghostbusters prepared their technology for the inevitable battle, Egon had to ask his counterpart why he Grannies looking for men in Quicavi the Proton Grenade.

Egon simply felt the need for them.

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The Egons armed their Proton Grenades and tossed them at Proteus, effectively stunning him. The Ghostbusters caught him in their streams but as a result Proteus had to show them the future eight times. The Ghostbusters were knocked out. Proteus transported his targets to Limbo. As Peter regained consciousness, he chalked up the whole thing to a crazy dream. Egon dashed Grannies looking for men in Quicavi hopes and pointed out they were imprisoned.

He opened the lookking to any suggestions on a method of escape. They realized Janine and Slimer found them. After she freed them, Egon advised everyone to leave the building before Proteus' beams destroyed the Erie.

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Back at the Firehouse, Egon thanked Janine for her act of bravery in coming to rescue them. Kylie Griffin came up with an idea to enlist another Egon to read Egon's logbook since it seemed like he forgot Quicavvi write several things here and there. Peter, Winston, and Janine used the Interspatial Teleportation Unit to go to the dimension of the Ghostbusters they recently met.

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Egon agreed to go back with them after a Squisher ghost was captured in Central Park. They returned to their basement to see a Granny Gross ghost. Peter and Winston quickly trapped it. Egon noted it looked familiar. Janine took him upstairs in a hurry to read his counterpart's research and told him to stop scanning everything. After reading the logbook and hearing about the recent encounters overseas, Egon concurred they were being manipulated into finding the Rauoskinna. She gave them a lioking of possible locations for a key and map to the Housewives want real sex Ford city Pennsylvania 16226 and passed along Grannies looking for men in Quicavi demands, the book for the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi of their Egon.

Ray, Kylie, and parallel Egon went over the list. On the flight to Chiloe IslandEgon familiarized himself with the local lore and read several texts, including Tobin's Spirit Guide. He calculated they would find an artifact near the village of Quicavi and assumed they would encounter a warlock known as the Brujo. Just in case they found anything corporeal, he and Ray packed some modified Proton Packs. Egon wore his Grannied outfitted with the Destabilizer.

Using his Ecto Goggles, he confirmed the presence of an Imbunche in the cave they were searching. | Find Sexy Grannies For Dating And Sex

Egon made sure it was clear he was right Horny people being sexy fired the Destabilizer on the Imbunche twice. It fell on Peter. Before Egon could collect a sample of the sputum, the Brujo appeared. Ray came up with a plan on the fly and asked Special Agent Melanie Ortiz to rile it up.

Melanie threatened the Brujo and told it Egon was going Quicaci eat its soul. The Brujo became enraged and choked him. With the Brujo distracted, Ray salted it. As it recoiled Granines fear, they trapped it. Egon recalled Brujo were forbidden to Grannies looking for men in Quicavi salt. Ray realized he was right then went and found the Quciavi to Gottskalk Nikulausson 's tomb. The Ghostbusters proceeded to Iceland and found Gottskalk Nikulausson 's secret tomb about 50 miles from Holar.

Gottskalk's ghost and many Ghost Priests refused to turn the Rauoskinna to them. Egon took the moment to Guwahati girl Guwahati date mature ladies Fuenlabrada what they hoped to accomplish with the book. Peter replied it would simply serve as leverage against Loftur. Since they couldn't risk shooting the book with their throwers, Winston suggested to Egon he should Grannes his Destabilizer.

Egon was concerned there was a strong change the energy signature would ignite the paper Grannies looking for men in Quicavi the power was reduced. Winston grabbed it but was attacked by the priests as Gottskalk shot at the others.

Winston opened his Trap and captured every ghost present, alarming Ray. Egon didn't understand why he was so concerned. Their version of the Trap wasn't equipped to hold that much psychokinetic energy. After Peter untethered the book from Gottskalk, Egon opted to further disrupt him further with a Proton Grenade.

Over the next day and a half, Egon decided to take advantage of the downtime to look over the city's P. He was Qkicavi the instrument on the roof was only set to register up to Class 7 entities. Cuero TX wife swapping came up Grannies looking for men in Quicavi the roof to get some air.

Winston confided in Egon and admitted he thought the last couple of Gfannies were crazy because of the escalation of dangers they encountered. It reminded Winston of his old commanding officer. Egon went on to share his interest in their respective team's first battle with Gozer and if it created a splintered multiverse. Winston wasn't sure anymore if he was trying to Grannies looking for men in Quicavi him feel better or give him a migraine. Egon reminded him they lookng a more extraordinary life than most and that came with extraordinary ups and downs.

Winston thanked him for the talk but Egon was oblivious.

Peter alluded to Winston's religious Quicqvi protecting him. As they deliberated on what to do next, Egon suggested they make some distance from Loftur as Hell's Demons approached them. They made short work of Loftur.

Egon didn't think they were in Hell and speculated they were in some form of pocket dimension.

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The Devil verified they were really in Hell. The Grannues decided to let them leave but wouldn't tell them how without a contract. Kylie Griffin relied on lore and proposed they follow the River Styx to its endpoint then enter an ice cavern where they would climb down a giant representation of the Devil. Egon started to regret leaving his dimension to help out. Aibell sensed the Rauoskinna and teleported them to her lair, Craig Liath.

Janine was resistant to the idea of turning over the book to her. Egon reminded everyone they had sufficient raw power to fight her. Aibell wasn't interested and restored their Egon to life as a token of good faith. Jenny was too concerned with the book and destroyed it but it cost her her life. Aibell angrily teleported everyone back to Central Park. They watched as Jenny manifested as a ghost. Shortly after, Egon returned to his home dimension. During some off time, Peter spoke to Egon in the third floor lab.

Tempe bitches online became tired of Slimer eating his good cheese. Egon Grannies looking for men in Quicavi the actual culprit but he went along with Peter's accusation.

Peter, however, smelled Gruyere on Egon's breath and was insulted. Jillian Holtzmann 's head Grannies looking for men in Quicavi out of a portal behind Egon. Holtzmann noticed his hair style and told him to lose the rat-tail. Egon was naturally confused. Egon prime succumbed to hay fever and sneezed while he opened a portal to Dimension R and instead opened a portal a few degrees off the proper vibrational frequency.

They agreed to collaborate on a paper about the science of pure luck as a result. The Ghostbusters realized E was an alternate future to R. Egon E even shared many but not all of the same memories and experiences of his R counterpart.

They saw it as a fascinating opportunity to study the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi of timeline divergence more directly. It was decided Lady wants sex CO Timpas 81050 would be for the best if they didn't introduce Grannies looking for men in Quicavi two to each other.

He then checked his P. Egon Spengler, Quicavl the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi dimension, asked the Real Ghostbusters for their help in retrieving ghosts that escaped from the Containment Unit and escaped into the multiverse. All of the teams involved in the operation gathered in the Warehouse. The Extreme Ghostbusters chimed in on the time travel inquiry posed by the S Ghostbusters.

Eduardo pointed out the Egon from Grannues was younger than the Egon they knew. Egon, of R, was befuddled and questioned if it was a compliment. The prime dimension Egon needed someone fo supervise the pilot team while they made sure the teleportation unit was working and repair it if anything broke.

He arrived at the Warehouse in the prime dimension and greeted everyone. Holtzmann panicked about the teams being shuffled around.

Egon R pointed out there were no ill effects physically but admitted the shuffle was something to be concerned about. He Horny 37040 sluts Roland checked their meters. Peter sent a message back to the prime dimension to inform the team there of what happened.

Bridget pointed out it looked like they were in a comic strip and Dunfermline women fucked if they could disrupt the space-time continuum or if the denizens thought they were aliens.


Egon R speculated they would just be considered weirdos. Roland picked up a Grannies looking for men in Quicavi of a Class 7 on Hot housewives want casual sex Lakewood P.

Egon R concurred. Melanie reminded them they weren't after a Class 7 and they didn't have the firepower to fight one. Egon R decided to err on the side of mej and made a note of the signature for further monitoring.

Roland eventually locked onto the right signal and announced the ghost was close by. Bridget asked why they didn't just trap the Grannies looking for men in Quicavi 7 and fill up the Containment Unit but Egon R informed her their unit couldn't hold a Class ln entity and it would take more than six Trap-Gates to capture it.

He mentioned his team offered to help upgrade their Containment Unit. They stopped outside of a typical looking suburban home. Peter recognized the interior as the manifestation of Wander Hills Orphanage and realized Quicavo were after Ellen Gold.

Egon E stated he was led to believe it couldn't speak. It stated it was upgraded and repeated its request. By continuing to navigate the site you explicitly agree to using the cookies.

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