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Totally bottom here looking for a top I Wanting Adult Dating

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Totally bottom here looking for a top

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Think u have the cutest feet I've seen. Mutual masturbation m4w Looking for some NSA mutual masturbation or c2c or oral. But it's hard.

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At the bottom, all your dysfunctional behaviours are finally revealed.

If you never hit your lowest point, the dysfunctions continue to go unnoticed and unchecked, playing out under the denial radar and inevitably creating bigger dysfunctions and a harder fall down the track. Until the bubble bursts, you cleverly delude yourself into thinking everything is juuuuust great—and your life ends up being built on a big, fat lie and a false foundation.

What does top and bottom mean? The Bish guide

The very fabric of your life is turned upside down and examined in raw detail. At the bottom, your disempowering patterns and behaviours become glaringly obvious, and the triggers that kept you repeating those behaviour patterns come into sharp focus. You realise that hitting rock bottom was not only inevitable, but necessary, because those behaviours were simply not conducive to your growth.

You realise at the bottom that you were, in fact, not where you thought you were in life. As you surrender to your higher self more and more, you align with your right purpose and right life path. And it feels good.

You gain humility. In fact, you realise you know very little, and you decide botyom become a student of life rather than a juror.

You gain compassion. Letting go of the old creates space for the new and soon new ideas, people, opportunities, talents and gifts start to flood into your experience.

As you empty your cup, so to speak, you fill it back up with stuff that you actually want, instead of accepting what was unconsciously passed onto you. Life hands you a fresh cup of reality.

14 Reasons It’s Harder Being A Bottom Than A Top | Thought Catalog

You see that blaming is futile, that complaining is dumb, and that making excuses is for the unenlightened. You realise it was you who created all the good and all the bad in your life.

You realise the bottom is actually a great springboard from which to push yourself up to the surface—away from the darkness and back into the light. Hitting rock bottom wakes you up to how you were relying on externals to make you happy.

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Instead of needing outside validation, you begin to trust yourself and start the journey within to find your own sense of self, your own sense of purpose, and your own validation. There are waaaaaaaaaaaay more bottoms than there are tops. Two different sentiments.

Being ashamed of being a big old bottom. The majority of mainstream gay dudes are all about masculinity, and anything that eclipses that has got to go.

12 Reasons Why Hitting Rock Bottom Is The Best Thing That Can Ever Hap | Dailygreatness USA

And speaking of which, if you are femme or even slightly effeminate or fey, the few tops out there in the gay Totally bottom here looking for a top desert may not be interested in you.

Even if you enjoy bottoming, sometimes you get stuck with an everlasting top and you are sort of over it and he is still going at it and you sit through it just so he can get off. Salt lake hookups

He might try to pull some mess and take the condom off and you may not know. Do not want.

Every bottom ever has slept with some top who treated his penis like an all conquering sword, stabbing you to orgasm I guess? Reblogged this on The World Without Us.

Totally bottom here looking for a top

The post made us laugh out loud and […]. The question of who has sex with whom, and which toilets people use, takes the strange form of a negotiation between tribes, as if sex again is a matter of endogamy or exogamy.

I was intrigued about how this was […].